Wiring Harness and
Cable Assembly

Wiring Harness and
Cable Assembly

CMASS offers a comprehensive range of harness, cabling and crimping solutions. We are able to offer a full range of solutions for your customized assembly from wires cut and stripped to length, to complete wire and cable harness solutions.

We work with all levels of complexity, types and sizes of cables, crimps, connectors and components.


• Automated cut and strip

• Crimp termination – automatic and manual

• Soldered termination

• Wire wrapping

• Wide range of cable types

• Military Standard

• Braiding


• Wire Harness

• Higher level electro mechanical assemblies

• Discrete wire and flat ribbon cable assemblies

• Power cables

• Signal cables

• Point to point continuous run wire harness

• Custom D sub miniature cable assemblies

• Coaxial cable assemblies


• Fast and flexible service

• Superior product quality

• Variable, cost competitive model

• Experienced, expert team

• Manufacturing processes based on LEAN principles

How can we help

CMASS can satisfy all of your wiring harness and cable assembly requirements. We can work with you in the NPI phase to assist with the DFM activities as well as during volume manufacture and into the legacy phase dealing with obsolescence and sporadic demand.

As a leading Electronic Contract Manufacturing company, we can also support you with a much wider range of activities as and when the need arises.


Wiring Harness and Cable Assembly

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